Careers Registration - Learning Gain Project

Careers Registration National Forum
Insights, innovation and impact

Friday 18th May 2018   10.00 -16.00
Senate House, University of London, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

This one day event explored the impact of Careers Registration as an evidence based approach for employability support in Higher Education. 

With at least 34% of UK Higher Education providers involved in the growth of Careers Registration in 2017, the application and impact of the resulting data continues to gain momentum as a national interest for the sector. 

Drawing on the ongoing research of the OfS funded Careers Registration Learning Gain pilot project, keynote presentations and interactive workshops helped colleagues to consider the implementation and impact of careers registration for their own institutions. 

The event programme and materials from the day are now available 

Final Programme

Workshop descriptions


Workshop 1A: Visualising Careers Registration

Workshop 1A :Dashboard Examples

Workshop 1B: Using Careers Registration to underpin careers service strategy at King’s College London

Workshop 1C: Career Registration Data as a Predictor of Graduate Destinations

Workshop 2A: We’ve even resorted to Bribery! Engaging Academic staff in Employability by using Careers Registration data (and cake!)

Workshop 2B: Giving graduates the skills to manage lifelong career development

Workshop 2B: Activity - When I'm at my best

Workshop 2C: Graduation Surveys: Bridging the Gap between Careers Reg. and Graduate Outcomes
(slides forthcoming) 


Careers Registration Learning Gain: The National Picture

Getting Ready for GDPR

Conference Posters: 

Katie Hill, University of Bristol: Careers Thinking and Destinations

Shauna McCloy, Ulster University: Embedding Career Registration Data at Ulster University

Oliver Laity, University of Exeter: Careers Registration at the University of Exeter

Hristan Daskalov, Technical University of Sofia: Careers Registration on the blockchain

A three year Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) funded pilot project to investigate the use of careers registration as a measure of learning gain in relation to work readiness



The Careers Group HEFCE project involves 15 institutions implementing careers registration into the registration and re-enrollment process. This involves 2-4 career focused questions to track development of student employability during their time in Higher Education, predict employment outcomes and evaluate the effectiveness of employability strategies and interventions.



The project aims to begin tracking and analysing/comparing careers registration data with DHLE data, as well as looking for 'typical' behaviour patterns across subjects areas. Also, the project will look for patterns of careers thinking in combination with work experience across different cohorts and subject areas. 



> Additional evidence for TEF assessment submissions

> Providing real data on students careers thinking and preparedness

> Inform strategic service planning and departmental engagement

> Identification of 'at risk' groups

> Identifying specific employability needs of groups, leading to targeted marketing and interventions

> Measuring the effectiveness of employability initiatives

Further plans

Measure of academic engagement; investigate if some departments are more engaged than others, and why this might be the case. Gain understanding of how the data is being used by academic colleagues.


Career staff survey; surveyed about their readiness to engage with careers registration data. This will enable us to produce further recommendations for using careers registration data including for student engagement, use of dashboards, and training for careers staff. 


Sharing results; regular dissemination and strategic engagement activities, which will include an event aimed at planning officers, careers staff and institutional stakeholders. 


Careers Registration Conference

Insight for employability: The implementation and impact of Careers Registration

The first national one day Careers Registration conference explored the impact of Careers Registration as an evidence based approach for employability support in Higher Education.

Drawing on the ongoing research of the HEFCE funded Careers Registration Learning Gain pilot project, keynote presentations and interactive workshops helped colleagues to consider the impact of careers registration for their own institutions.
A storify of the day is available here  
Conference programme, workshop details and all keynote presentations and workshop materials are available here:
Keynote presentation: Learning Gain in the HE context
Dr Camille Kandiko Howson, HEFCE Learning gain programme evaluator
Fiona Cobb and David Winter, The Careers Group, University of London