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HE Employability Digest-Feb 2017

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HEA: Increasing academic interest in both employability policy and deliver

> Importance of embedding employability in the curriculum

> Many patterns identified in the literature reflect the HEA’s Framework for embedding employability which many in the sector see as a useful summary of best practice.

> Demand for skills has increased substantially over twenty years

> Increasing levels of educational attainment amongst the population (including skilled migrants) has significantly improved skills supply.

> Evidence shows those with relatively high level qualifications experience a premium with respect to earnings

SMC: Evidence of unacknowledged ‘class pay gap’ within professions

> Using data from the UK Labour Force Survey (LFS) with a sample of c.65,000 this report provides the most comprehensive analysis of social mobility to date

> Evidence shows professionals from working class backgrounds earn on average £6,800 less than colleagues from professional and managerial backgrounds

British Academy’s Flagship Skills project: Arts, Humanities and Social Science

> The British Academy’s Flagship Skills Project aims to produce an evidence base of the skills that are inherent to the study of arts, humanities and social sciences (AHSS), their value to the individual, and the contribution they do make and could make in future to society.

> Vitae: Careers in Research Online Survey & Principle Investigators Surveys Opens Soon

> The Careers in Research Online Survey (CROS) and the Principal Investigators and Research Leaders Survey (PIRLS) are run biennially and gather anonymous data about working conditions, career aspirations and career development opportunities for research staff and research leaders in higher education institutions