Fundamentals of Careers Registration Series


The Careers Registration Series will feature practical advice and shared best practice from the current HEFCE-funded research project into Careers Registration as a measure of Learning Gain within universities being led by The Careers Group. 

Now entering the third year of the project, the project lead, Fiona Cobb, will share findings and tips to support colleagues implementing Careers Registration within their own Service context. 


Designing, Planning and Delivering Careers Registration in record time

21 September 2017

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Careers Registration for Postgraduates

29 September 2017

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Using Registration Data in Employer Engagement

31 October 2017

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The Power of Dashboards: Visualising Careers Registration Data in your Careers Service

30 November 2017

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Transforming careers practitioners professional practice with Careers Registration Data

6 December 2017

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Tracking the Student Journey: Linking Careers Registration with an Exit Survey

30 January 2018

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Careers Registration, DLHE and Graduate Outcomes

6 February 2018

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Work Readiness Learning Gain: What do the Careers Registration findings Tell Us?

12 March 2018

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