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Employability Teaching and Learning 

How is employability best taught and learnt? The latest pedagogic thinking in our field - 27 September Event Details and Booking

Who is best placed to teach employability? The multiple stakeholders in our field - 8 January Event Details and Booking 

Designing and delivering an employability module? What's the best practice? - 25 January Event Details and Booking

Teaching and Learning Employability online? What works and what pretends to work - 21 February Event Details and Booking


Fundamentals of Careers Registration

Designing, Planning and Delivering Careers Registration in record time - 21 September Details and Booking

Careers registration for postgraduates - 29 September Event Details and Booking

Using registration data in employer engagement - 31 October Event Details and Booking

The power of dashboards: visualising careers registration data in your careers service - 30 November Event Details and Booking

Transforming careers practitioners professional practice with Careers Registration Data - 6 December Event Details and Booking

Tracking the student journey: linking Careers Registration with and exit survey - 30 January Event Details and Booking 

Careers Registration, DLHE and Graduate Outcomes - 6 February Event Details and Booking

Work Readiness Learning Gain: What do the Careers Registration Findings Tell Us? - 12 March Event Details and Booking


Building Strategic Relations 

Are you influencing as well as you could? A review of influencing tactics to harness your many stakeholders - 02 October Event Details and Booking

Deal or no deal? A review of negotiations strategies you can apply with academic and employer contacts - 08 November  Event Details and Booking

Who are your stakeholders? An audit of your potential strategic stakeholders and ideas on how to start building key relationships - 10 January Event Details and Booking


Effective Employer Engagement 

How can EE staff best engage with careers consultants and information professionals - 10 October Event Details and Booking

How can EE Staff Best Engage with Academics and Faculties - 13 December Event Details and Booking 


Wellbeing for Careers Professionals 

Heads, Academics, Colleagues, Students: How to manage multiple expectation overload - 20 September Details and Booking 

Being an employability expert: How to recognise the imposter syndrome and manage it - 6 November Event Details and Booking

Look after your wellbeing Are you taking your OWN advice? - 11 January Event Details and Booking

Time Management - 9 February Event Details and Booking

How Resilient are you? How to build your professional stamina in the world of HE careers - 12 February Event Details and Booking


Research, Policy & Practice 

HE careers - policy, politics and predictions: an update on key developments e.g. TEF, LEO, new DLHE - 01 November Event Details and Booking


Application Advisor Training 

How to Give Feedback Clients Will Really Listen To: A Review of Feedback Approaches for Application Adviser - 17 October Event Details and Booking

'Lets book you another appointment' How and when to refer Application Advice clients with more complex needs - 11 December Event Details and Booking

Time Management for Application Advisers: how to make a difference, quickly - 23 January Event Details and Booking


Sector Insights series

Insight into... the Charity Sector - 23 November Event Details and Booking 

Insight into... Careers in Education - 24 November Event Details and Booking

Insight into... Careers in Academia and HE - 28 November Event Details and Booking


Working with... series

Working with... PGDip (PhD and Masters students) - 15 December Event Details and Booking

Working with... Medical Students - 17 January Event Details and Booking

Working with... Widening Participation - 12 March Event Details and Booking



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