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We have direct access to more than 200,000 students and recent graduates from the UK's top universities such as King's College, UCL and Queen Mary.

About 70% of our internship placements have led to permanent jobs.

We facilitate a wide-range of full-time, part-time and summer internships.

Interns are placed on our payroll and we invoice you in a clear and simple way, meaning you won't need to worry about pension contribution or National Insurance.


We pre-screen, test, interview and shortlist applicants against your criteria, before sending you the strongest possible candidates.

For internships, we will support you and your chosen candidate over the course of the placement to help you both make the most of the experience.


Supported graduate internships that supercharge a team







 FULL recruitment and management service from a dedicated team of specialist staff

 MINIMAL bureaucracy


  OUR PAYROLL, not yours for internships

  TRUST in the University of London brand

  OPEN to all industrial sectors and occupations


  OUTSTANDING quality of graduates and students from across all universities in the UK


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