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Statements & Policies

Our Statement of Service

This Statement outlines the standard of service you can expect as a student, graduate, staff client or recruiter, engaging with The Careers Group, University of London. Also available as a PDF.

Who we are

The Careers Group is a network of careers services operating throughout the University of London and beyond. We enable your institutions to educate and develop you to achieve and maintain career success.

What we do

We provide careers education, information, advice and guidance including applications/interview support.  We engage individuals in career management activities through which they become equipped with the skills and insights to discover their career options and make appropriate choices to develop their careers.

Each member service applies this process through different activities, based on college/client group need. We offer a database of work experience and job opportunities including part-time work, an internship or work-placement, or a permanent graduate role.

We also help recruiters to gain direct access to individuals seeking opportunities to develop their careers.

About our team

We are committed to providing impartial client-focussed information, advice and guidance. We engage in continuous professional development to maintain service excellence and we comply with relevant professional standards including Matrix and IAG. See the full list of standards.

Who can use our services?

Current students and staff at all colleges which subscribe to The Careers Group are eligible to access all services provided by their College Careers team. See our complete list of subscribing colleges. Most services are free.

Recent graduates of subscribing colleges are invited to join GradClub for either a small fee or for free depending on the college.

GradClub offers free or heavily discounted use of our services for up to two years after leaving university.

Graduates of any other institution are able to use C2 (our fee paying service for graduates out of Higher Education for longer than 2 years).

How to find out more about us

You will find full details of the services and events available to students/graduates on The Careers Group's Getting Graduates into Careers website, or your relevant member service's website.

If you are a recruiter full details of what we offer are available at

If you are an academic institution wishing to buy into our shared services go to

How to get in touch

Get in touch by email, phone or face-to-face. Please use the contact us section on any of our websites or email We will respond within three working days.

Please see this list of each of our member services, and their websites containing details of all our activities.

How to provide us with feedback

Client feedback underpins continuous quality improvement of our service and we gather formal and informal feedback on our activities. Individual comments will be confidential but note that we do share anonymised feedback and our responses publicly.

If you wish to celebrate a particular success you can do so by emailing Should you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of our service, our Complaints Procedure is available in all member services.

How we ensure your information remains confidential

We comply fully with the Data Protection Policies of The University of London and other institutions where we provide a careers service.

How We Promote Diversity And Accessibility

The Careers Group is committed to equality of access and treatment. Forms of unlawful direct and indirect discrimination, unequal treatment or unethical behaviour will be challenged.

We aim to be accessible to all clients, and encourage you to ask us for any special help you require to make best use of our services. Our team will be pleased to provide details of access to support equipment, or discuss how we can provide information in different formats. All our premises are fully accessible but see below:

At Goldsmiths, quick queries and CV-checks all now take place in a ground floor consulting room.  However, group work sessions often take place in our dedicated Seminar Room which is on the first floor and has only step access (no lift).

See our Disabilities Statement.


Updated May 2013


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