Social Media Programme

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The Social Media Series programme is made up of eight webinars and a day workshop which fit together to make a whole programme. The webinars focus on different aspects of social media and how they can be used in Careers Services. The one-day workshop gives you the opportunity to summaries the skills, theories, best practices you have got familiar with during the webinars. 

The webinars are available for purchase separately. To attend the workshop all 8 webinars must be listened to. We offer package deals for all 8 webinars and the workshop. Use the time between the webinars and the workshop to reflect on what you’ve learnt and bring your thoughts to the workshop. 

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Giving credit where it’s due - webinar

An overview of copyright and IP issues and how to ensure that your presentations, blogs and other materials use content wisely and credit owners appropriately. 

This event has now ended. 

Using social media in your Careers Services - webinar

An introduction to using social media to promote your service, share careers information, and engage with students. Covers the main platforms and examples of best practices from various careers services. 

This event has now ended. Click here to purchase recording.

Supporting your students with social media in their careers and job search - webinar

Experienced staff will share ideas, tools and methods for the best ways to support your students in using social media for job seeking, networking and career development. 

This event has now ended. Click here to purchase recording.

Using Social Media for your Personal Development - webinar

Explore using social media effectively as a careers professional to network, learn, and share expertise and resources with colleagues. 

This event has now ended. Click here to purchase recording.

Social media strategy - webinar

Explores different approaches to creating an effective social media strategy for your careers service whether it covers all of your social media communications, or smaller project-based goals. 

This event has now ended. Click here to purchase recording.

Innovative use of technology - webinar

Uses case studies to examine how we think creatively about the advice and information needs of clients and how we can meet those needs with technologies 

This event has now ended. Click here to purchase recording.

Brilliant blogging - webinar 

Shares how to write brilliant content for your careers blog including advice on coming up with topics, writing great titles, and other tips and tricks for a successful blog.

This event has now ended. Click here to purchase recording.

Find and evaluating content online - webinar

How to find and share great content that's relevant, useful and interesting to your social media followers.

 This event has now ended. Click here to purchase recording.


Social media users - workshop

This workshop allows participants from throughout the training series to get together and share what they've learned and how they've applied the learning to their own social media practices.

This event has now ended.