Research Unit Programme

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The Research Unit programme consists of 8 webinars exploring the key research tools that you can use to enhance your regular careers work. The webinars feature information such as how to conduct a literature review, formulating your research topic, research design and more. 

The webinars are available for purchase separately. We also offer package deals for all 8 webinars.

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How to find and read relevant research paper - webinar

In this session we will reflect on how academic journal articles could be useful to you in your work.  We will look at how to identify the most useful journals and the most relevant articles for your needs, and explore the use of academic search engines to quickly access information.    

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Conducting a literature review - webinar

Following on from finding a relevant research paper, this webinar will provide a detailed road map through the literature review process.  Picking up from identifying useful sources, and exploring how to effectively manage sources with referencing tools such as end-note.  We will discuss how to write an effective literature summary, which can be useful when writing proposals for new projects or schemes for your services.    

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Choosing your research topic - webinar

We will uncover key principles for choosing a research topic, from the theoretical, to the contextual right through to the practical elements involved in choosing a research topic, and the importance of the justification for your research.   

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Formulating your research questions - webinar

What questions do you need to ask to address your research problem?  

What makes a good research question?  

In this session we will draw upon our learning from the previous webinars and focus on techniques and considerations for formulating your research questions.  

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Research design - webinar

This session will focus on the process of designing your research project to address your research questions, by asking the following questions:  

What data do you need to collect?  

How will you collect the data?  

What approaches are there for collecting my data? – Qualitative and Quantitative  

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Data analysis - webinar

You may find in the course of your work you collect numerical and textual data from student surveys, happy sheets, and a variety of other sources.  We will cover qualitative, quantitative and mixed methodology approaches to analysing data, which you can apply in your everyday work and for focused projects.   

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Research ethics and intellectual property - webinar

We need to identify ethical issues that our work could pose, in order to avoid them.  We will identify common potential issues, and how to avoid them, and discuss how you can make sure your ideas and outputs are protected, and remain yours. 

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Writing for publication - webinar

Careers professionals have a responsibility to share key findings and developments with colleagues (QAA Code of Practice).  This session will share knowledge of how to write for target audiences, and how to get your work published in a relevant domain, and cover some of the basics of good writing.     

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