Engagement Webinars

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The Engagement Series consists of 5 webinars exploring the relationship between career services’ staff and their stake holders. The webinars focus on different aspects of engagement, such as stakeholders and student, and explores how they are important to careers services.

The webinars are available for purchase separately. We also offer package deals for all 5 webinars.

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Guidance Engagement - Webinar


This webinar explores recent research around the significant role of unconscious or rather pre-conscious decision making in terms of choice career choice. The course explores how careers advisers can best help clients make sense of their gut instinct when making career decisions. The webinar will also address what role guidance practitioners can play in helping clients to explore more conscious rational decision making processes. 

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Stakeholders Engagement - Webinar


This webinar considers how you might use different frameworks to assess the impact, output and outcomes of your work within your institution. With graduate level employability outcomes gaining more and more attention in light of the recent HE White paper, how can we as careers professionals effectively measure the impact of our work?

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Professional Development Engagement - Webinar


This webinar considers the common sensation of ‘winging it’ at work and considers the impact this may or may not have on our work with students, academic colleagues and employer contacts. We will also look at strategies to counter the effects of imposter syndrome and look at how to more successfully manage it in the future.

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Employer Engagement - Webinar


This webinar explores some of the recent developments within graduate recruitment practices, such as the 'upstreaming' or pre-graduate recruitment and the significant implications of the apprenticeship levy for HE in general. We'll also consider different methods of selection, such as 'added value' scoring and how graduate recruiters are using big data to respond to the diversity agenda.

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Student Engagement - Webinar


This webinar draws on research which explores the importance of resilience in career development studies. We will also consider how we can enable our clients to respond to change in a sustainable way and how we can strengthen the resilience of the students we work with, both in our individual and  group work.

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