Employability Webinars

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The Employability Series consists of six webinars exploring the latest evidence relating to some of the core themes that affect our work, such as widening participation, how employability is embedded within academic courses, how employability is delivered in overseas HE systems and many more topics. The webinars focus on different aspects of careers work in the employability sector, from building employability into the curriculum to working with institutions and parents to help further careers guidance.

The webinars are available for purchase separately. We also offer package deals for all 6 webinars and assessment.

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Employability embedded: How can we build employability into the curriculum? - webinar


This webinar explores frameworks and tools used to assess levels of employability within the curriculum and looks at examples of best practice. 

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Employability international: what lessons can we learn from overseas HEIs? - webinar


This webinar explores the approach towards employability adopted by universities in different parts of the world from Europe, North America and Australasia.

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Employability and widening participation: what does the research tell us? - webinar


This webinar explores the research evidence in this area and identifies some key lessons.

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Employability and alumni: are you maximising this relationship within your institution? - webinar


This webinar explores different approaches to alumni and identifies useful lessons for future practice

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Employability and parental influence: what’s our role in helping students and parents navigate career choice? - Webinar


This webinar explores the impact parents can have on student and graduate career decision-making and looks at lessons for the future.

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Employability assessed: how can we measure and grade employability skills? - Webinar


This webinar explores the challenges we face in both measuring and marking employability skills within our institutions and provides an opportunity to share best practice.

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Employability and academic assessment

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