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About this workshop

The ability to influence others is a skill required across various sectors and working environments. This workshop will help you understand how people make decisions and will explore a number of influencing techniques and tips to help you improve the way you try to persuade others.

We will show you how to capture the attention of your colleagues and business associates and make your case in the most effective way possible, whether you are proposing a new business plan or asking your boss for a pay rise. 

This workshop aims to show you how to have a greater impact on other people’s decision-making and behaviour. By the end of this workshop, you will have an understanding of what influences human decision-making, techniques and tools for promoting constructive behaviour change and several approaches to deal with obstructive behaviour.

Is it right for you?

> Are you struggling to convince people to accept your ideas and opinions?

> Do you need to encourage people to change their attitudes or behaviours?

> Do you depend on getting the best out of other people in order to achieve your goals?


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