Improving your assertiveness

Learn to express your needs and opinions more confidently to others whilst reducing the chances of confrontation and conflict.

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Time management skills

Discover tools and skills to manage your time more effectively in the context of a demanding workplace.

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Marketing yourself on paper

Understand the way recruiters and employers read and process CVs, and learn how you can tailor your skills and qualifications to meet their expectations and present yourself as effectively as possible.

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Excelling at interviews

Learn the process of preparing for a job an interview, and the ways you can successfully master any job interview.

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Take control of your career

Learn the skills and techniques to be more proactive in pursuing your own career development and progression.

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dealing with stress

Dealing with stress in the workplace

To understand and identify what causes stress in your life and to provide you with a range of strategies, tools and techniques to help you manage stress more effectively.

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