The British Medical Association (BMA) is the trade union and professional body that supports all doctors and medical students across the UK.

The BMA approached The Careers Group Consultancy to provide career development coaching sessions to its members. During these workshops, we were able to identify several common problems BMA members were encountering. For example, during interview coaching, we discovered there was a common anxiety among doctors applying for senior roles about questions relating to management, leadership and strategic thinking.  In response, as well as continuing to deliver workshops on interview and presentation skills, we developed a Management Essentials workshop to provide a rapid introduction to key strategic concepts for doctors in new positions of leadership. Management Essentials has proved an extremely popular workshop, running several times a year.

Using the feedback from the workshops, combined with results from surveys and focus groups, we worked with the BMA to develop a series of workshops and online resources covering a wide variety of topics for its members.

We have been working with the BMA since 2007.


Health Education England (HEE) is a special health authority, responsible for the postgraduate training of doctors across the UK.

In 2008, the Careers Unit of Health Education England approached The Careers Group Consultancy to address the challenge of providing training and support for trainee doctors across more than 70 hospital trusts.

While the Consultancy team has a vast range of experience in careers, we had limited knowledge of the intricacies of the career paths and choices relating to doctors. Working in close partnership with the HEE Careers Unit, we developed a range of workshops for trainee doctors and other experienced clinicians. Workshops included career planning, specialty recruitment and interview skills, all specifically targeted to doctors.

We also created several online resources for use by the HEE Career Unit clients, including 'Beyond Clinical Practice', an online tool to suppose clinicians exploring career options outside clinical medicine.

Since 2008, the Careers Group Consultancy has delivered more than 300 workshops and 200 webinars to thousands of doctors.

In 2010, our work with the HEE Careers Unit was shortlisted for the Times Higher Education Award for Innovative Partnership.


The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) is a college of the University of London, providing postgraduate higher education of international distinction. 

For several years, The Careers Group Consultancy has provided career development support for PhD students and researchers, helping them evaluate and pursue career options within research and beyond. We also provided career coaching to technical and support staff during a recent restructure.

After ongoing discussions with their researchers, the ICR came to us with several needs and concerns, and the Consultancy team worked with them to design appropriate workshops and webinars. The ICR team were keen to help early career researchers develop skills and attitudes that increased their chances of success within their research.

One example of this was the interactive small-group workshop on Maintaining Momentum during Your PhD. We then adapted the materials from the all-day workshop to create a two-hour conference session for over 40 participants.




UCL is increasingly investing in improving careers and employability services for its postgraduate and alumni population. To engage recently accepted Masters students to think about their career paths early and demonstrate the support available, UCL aspired to run an online course. The course would cover career values and provide information on best practices in order to be successful in your career.

We had already run a very successful massive online open course (MOOC) and had a significant amount of relevant existing video content. We worked closely with the UCL careers team to identify the key objectives and layout of the course and developed content as appropriate.

By editing existing content and producing new videos in-house, we were able to create 25 videos on different topics as well as supporting information sheets. We used UCL’s Virtual Learning Environment to host content and branded everything to UCL’s specification.

The topics covered were:
1. Why do you need to think about your career right now?
2. What are your career options?
3. How do you write effective job applications?
4. How do you succeed in interviews and presentations?
5. How do you make useful contacts?
6. How will UCL Careers support you?

Over 1500 PGT pre-entry students registered for the Careers and Employability SPOC. The course has been viewed across 49 countries with the top five countries being UK, China, Greece, USA and India.