Mervyn Murray


Associate Consultant


With over 15 years as an independent international trainer and 20 years in senior management, Mervyn brings a depth of experience and expertise to his client’s organisation and team development needs. He works with some of the largest and demanding organisations in the world, delivering inspirational and interactive workshops and coaching solutions to long-standing clients in project-led markets such as: Oil and Gas, Retail, Energy, Construction and Engineering. He has also worked with National UK Government Departments, international public sector organisations and Third Sector Enterprises.

Mervyn designs and delivers training interventions for organisations in USA, Europe, Africa, The Middle-East and South East Asia, giving participants new perspectives on their roles and delivering lasting change at both organisational and individual level.

Besides undertaking training, he also writes and designs learning materials, acts as a coach and mentor to individuals/groups and designs tailored systems of communication and performance development that are robust, practical and effective.


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