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Redundancy risk coaching

Think you might be at risk of redundancy?

Redundancy risk coaching will enable you to cope with the uncertainty of impending redundancy by helping you to strategically take control of your career choices.

We will help you think about what you need to ask to get a better idea of the risk levels. If you want to stay, we will work with you to find strategies to make you indispensable. If you want to leave, we will help you kick-start the research and preparation that you need to do to make things happen more smoothly.

£160 per hour


Career re-entry coaching

Thinking about returning to the job market?

Career re-entry coaching will help you to take stock of your career options and priorities. Our consultant will assist you in reviewing and assessing your skills for the current job market.

Our team will discuss your options, including helping you to think about how to get up to speed, boost your confidence and take appropriate steps to increase your chances of a successful return. 

£160 per hour



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