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In depth CV and application coaching

Feel that your CV is letting you down?

Our bespoke CV and application coaching sessions will help you make the most of your CV and job applications.

This service is for people who haven't made a formal application in a while, need to update and focus your CV or feel like they're unable to effectively highlight your potential to future employers.

What does it involve?

Prior to every session we ask you to send us the document you want to be reviewed, along with some information about the position you are applying for. Within the session the adviser will offer constructive feedback on what you have written, and teach you skills and techniques to help you to market yourself effectively to employers.

£160 per hour

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Need CV or application advice but can't come to London?

Our e-advice service allows you to receive feedback on your CV, cover letter or application from wherever you are in the world.

This service is ideal if you want an expert opinion in order to ensure your CV or application form effectively highlights your potential.

£65 per half hour


Interview coaching 

Feel that you can't effectively promote yourself during interviews?

During an interview, there's only a brief opportunity to demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the role. Practice is essential in order to ensure that you are able to answer their questions effectively and demonstrate your potential.

Our tailored approach ensures that we provide you with the support that you need to succeed.

What does it involve?

Before your appointment we ask you to fill in a questionnaire that prompts you to describe your past interview experience, and any concerns you have. We also ask for information about any specific positions you are applying for, your application form and CV.

£160 per hour

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Jacqueline's story



Jacqueline approached The Careers Group for support and guidance on changing sectors for a fresh start. 


"I had two sessions with Laura, one on CVs and job applications and the other to prep for an interview. I found Laura to be knowledgeable about the sector, constructively critical, and understanding of my motivations. I especially appreciated her advice on how to break down my experience on a job application in order to draw attention to my most relevant skills, as I was changing sectors, and unsure how to make my skills appear transferable. Just getting to interview (I interviewed for two jobs) was a huge boost to my confidence as I had not been having much luck before speaking to Laura. I am now preparing for a fresh start in a new field and couldn't be happier with my situation. I think the help I received from Careers Group was invaluable and would recommend professional coaching to any job seeker".


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