Personalised advice targeting career progression


Career change coaching

Thinking about making a move into another industry?

Career change coaching with one of our careers consultants will help you to evaluate your current position and skills, and decide what action you need to take about your career.

Our team will help you explore alternative options and industries, and assess the practicality of making a move. We'll work with you to focus on activities and attitudes that make your chances of a successful transition more likely.

£160 per hour

Personal development coaching

Want to make more progress in your career development?

Career development coaching will enable you to evaluate where you are in your career and the obstacles facing career progression.

Our consultant will discuss with you the tactics you have been using so far to make progress, and will help you make decisions about your future career plans. We'll help you prioritise actions you could take, and encourage you to think about how you could make more of an impact within your organisation and industry.

£160 per hour


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