Career benefits for University of London alumni


The Careers Group provides career services to the University of London as well as the majority of its colleges and institutes. As a member of the alumni community you can benefit from a number of heavily discounted career development services from our expert team of professional careers consultants.

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alumni discount 

Alumni discount

Alumni of University of London and all of its member colleges and institutes are entitled to:

> 15% off our one-to-one courses
> 40% off our training courses using ALUMNI40 when booking online
> 10% off exhibiting at any of our graduate recruitment fairs


One-to-one career advice

Personalised support for wherever you are in your professional life. 
We'll help you take stock, explore your options and develop a practical plan for your future either face-to-face or using video conferencing software.


CV and interview support

CV and interview support

 In-depth CV and application coaching

Our bespoke CV and application coaching sessions will help you make the most of your CV and job applications.

This service is for people who haven't made a formal application in a while, need to update and focus your CV or feel like they're unable to effectively highlight your potential to future employers.

£160 per hour (£136 for alumni)



Need CV or application advice but can't come to London?

Our e-advice service allows you to receive feedback on your CV, cover letter or application from wherever you are in the world.

This service is ideal if you want an expert opinion in order to ensure your CV or application form effectively highlights your potential.

£65 per 30 minutes (£55 for alumni)


Interview coaching

Feel that you can't effectively promote yourself during interviews?

During an interview, there's only a brief opportunity to demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the role. Practice is essential in order to ensure that you are able to answer their questions effectively and demonstrate your potential.

Our tailored approach ensures that we provide you with the support that you need to succeed.

£160 per hour (£136 for alumni)


Career progression

Career progression and development training

 Career change coaching

Career change coaching with one of our careers consultants will help you to evaluate your current position and skills, and decide what action you need to take about your career.

Our team will help you explore alternative options and industries, and assess the practicality of making a move. We'll work with you to focus on activities and attitudes that make your chances of a successful transition more likely.

£160 per hour (£136 for alumni)


Personal development coaching

Career development coaching will enable you to evaluate where you are in your career and the obstacles facing career progression.

Our consultant will discuss with you the tactics you have been using so far to make progress, and will help you make decisions about your future career plans. We'll help you prioritise actions you could take, and encourage you to think about how you could make more of an impact within your organisation and industry.

£160 per hour (£136 for alumni)


Redundancy and re-entry support

 Redundancy risk coaching

Redundancy risk coaching will enable you to cope with the uncertainty of impending redundancy by helping you to strategically take control of your career choices.

We will help you think about what you need to ask to get a better idea of the risk levels. If you want to stay, we will work with you to find strategies to make you indispensable. If you want to leave, we will help you kick-start the research and preparation that you need to do to make things happen more smoothly.

 £160 per hour (£136 for alumni)


Career re-entry coaching

Career re-entry coaching will help you to take stock of your career options and priorities. Our consultant will assist you in reviewing and assessing your skills for the current job market.

Our team will discuss your options, including helping you to think about how to get up to speed, boost your confidence and take appropriate steps to increase your chances of a successful return. 

£160 per hour (£136 for alumni)


Training courses

A portfolio of training and professional development courses tailored to your needs.

Explore our courses and book online using code ALUMNI40 for a 40% discount.








In the rush of day-to-day life, it's important to take time to reflect on your career, and to find more effective and efficient ways to achieve your career goals, ensuring you are on the path to success.

Our personal effectiveness courses examine ways to improve your career from building assertiveness and taking control of your career development to learning to effectively manage your time.

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Negotiation, persuasion and the ability to influence are key skills for the workplace and everyday life.

Knowing how to use these important skills will help you further your career.

Our courses can help you discover a better way to build-up, manage and use these skills in your everyday interactions.


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While everyone can communicate, not everyone knows how to communicate effectively. Knowing how to communicate effectively is crucial in the workplace, and everyday life. It can help you ease tensions and clearly express ideas and opinions for maximum benefit.

Our communication training courses can help you effectively communicate in your daily interactions.

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Management and leadership skills are specialist talents that often need to be developed to their full potential, before they can be used to effectively lead and manage staff members.

Our courses can help develop some of the core skills needed to become an effective leader and provides practical advice to help motivate and lead staff.


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